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Anyone recognize this car?


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Hey guys,


I am looking to buy a car this summer and the LGT appears to be a nice choice given my requirements. I came across this car and have contacted the dealer for more information (waiting for reply)...




Here is another one if the Craigslist link expires...



It obviously has been modified and I am guessing it is Stage 3 since the previous owner went with a FMIC. The extent to which the car has been modded leads me to believe the car was owned by an enthusiast, hence why I am here.


Can anyone offer insight regarding the history of the car? Thanks in advance!



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0 miles! what a find! lol


even though a san diego dealer ended up with it, it could have come from anywhere... i assume dealer auction and such. that said, pretty familiar with a lot of the cars here, esp ones that went fmic. never heard of an swp car with lotso stuff done to it.


however if i were you, i'd try to get a stock one. lots of potential for bad things if the tuning was bad, esp with the fmic and possibly stage3+.

car for sale. PM me!
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I agree stock would be the way to go, if it is modded I would prefer it to be just suspension, aesthetics, and maybe CBE. But finding these cars for sale in CA is hard enough, let alone one with minimal and tasteful mods.


Due to the capability of the AWD systems most used examples are found in climates that have lots of snow, ice, and salt in the winter... hardly ideal for buying a used car.


Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

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There's an SWP 08 LGT at a San Diego used car lot. I see it often when I drive past there. Looks stock.




Found the site:




It says it's got 20,000 miles and seems to come from NY/NJ. I think they've had it for a while, so they might be willing to negotiate the price which is listed as $19,777


edit: currently has AZ plates. weird.


(I have no affiliation with this place, hope it's ok to post the link)


Good luck on your search!

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Good looking out guys, I really appreciate it.


Havanahjoe, although that car is not exactly what I am looking for (close though), from what I have seen it does appear to be a fair price, especially considering they can probably be talked down a bit. Car looks pretty clean in the photos.



I have been searching via Craigslist, Autotrader, NASIOC.com, and of course this forum but that is not 100% cars available.


Ideally I would love to get my hands on a white one but am willing to entertain different colors if the car is a great value.


Just for reference, here is my ideal car:


05-07 (I prefer this styling better and the car will be cheaper)

~50k (this is all relative to price/condition)

Manual (necessary)

Limited (preferred as I think the leather really classes up the car, but being 6'8" I could use the extra headroom without the sunroof)

No factory spoiler (necessary)

White (preferred but flexible)

No Mods (although suspension and tasteful aesthetics are ok)


I am looking to buy at the end of April/ early May when I get back to the US. I will only have a 1-2 week window in which to buy so I have my fingers crossed that "the right" car is available during that period. Oh, looking to spend around $12k or $13k but I am flexible here too as value is more important than total initial price. The lower the better because I plan to dump about $3,500 worth in mods into the car (we all know that number will probably be $5k when it is all said and done).


The search continues, thanks again guys!

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Good looking out guys, I really appreciate it.

05-07 (I prefer this styling better and the car will be cheaper)

I like the 05-07 styling better as well.


No factory spoiler (necessary)


You can swap the trunk with someone who doesn't have a spoiler. I didn't want the factory spoiler either and the dealer I bought my car from swapped the trunk with a DGM 2.5i.


Good luck!

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