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Changing rim bolt pattern?


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I have a 99 accord along with my legacy, but I wanted to put the rims I have on the accord onto the legacy. The problem is that the accords bolt pattern is 4 lug, and the legacy is a 5. Is it possible? If so can someone help me out with the info. Thanks
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I'm not sure how you'd begin to do that because you'd have to use an adapter and that would push the wheels out so far from the hubs as to be totally impractical.


Besides, you're dealing with a lot more torque at the wheel compared to your Honda (unless you're running a 250 lb ft capable Honda) and that fifth lug nut is there to distribute that torque load more evenly.


Sorry it's not better news, but think this is one idea to put back in the drawer for a four-bolt hub with the right bolt pattern.



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