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I'm looking at a '10 2.5i Limited. I am eligible for the VIP program through my work (according to the VIP site it is just invoice price, not 2% below like I've seen mentioned on this site). However, Premier Subaru in Branford, CT is offering 10% below MSRP on any factory-ordered Subarus. Based on Edmunds invoice pricing, it would actually be cheaper not to go through VIP. Anyone know how accurate the Edmunds prices are, or if there's a better place to find them, and any thoughts on whether its worth it to go through the VIP program? Thanks.
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It'll be cheaper to go with the 10% below msrp assuming they haven't added stuff to the car. If the dealership adds various items, your VIP price might be the cheaper of the two. If I were you, I wouldn't tell them about your VIP price, have them work the price up. Then if you pm me and tell me exactly which car it is you are looking at, I can tell you if the VIP price is cheaper or their price.


As far as the 2% below, there are two different VIP plans that Subaru has. One is straight invoice and the other is 2% below. The idea of these is that you can go in and not have to haggle over price. There are times however where a dealership can beat that VIP price...just depends on how desperate they want to sell a car.


If you have questions, feel free to pm me and I can help.

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