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2010 Legacy Wagon GT Spot welding point Failure

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This was a case happenned just few days ago, in Taiwan.

At 3rd of March 2010, one LGT owner found there was a squeak noise coming out from the rear right area of his car, 2010 Legacy GT Wagon (S package with Bilstein suspension) which was delivered at end of January 2010.

It was very obvious and it occured at very low speed 15km/h, (about 10 mph) and up.

He took the car to the dealer in Taichung, and removed all the liners/covers and verified the noise was coming from arround the rear wheel arc (inside the trunk), dealer diagnosed it as a "spot welding point crack".

So they performed the following procedures :


Noise came from this area suspected to have the welding crack:




Suspected part is this long (reinforcement?) piece above the left rear wheel arc, the noice came from the buttom part of this piece:



Preparing to start the CO2 welding procedures:




The CO2 welding machine:



Fire extinguishers standing by since the area is VERY close to the gas tank/lines:




The fuel line was covered with wet clothes, dealer taking documentary pictures to send back to SOT (Subaru of Taiwan):




Start drilling holes on the top pieces:




There are four layers of sheet metal pieces, thickness could be the reson caused the spot welding robot did not make a good welding point :




As requested by the owner, drilled total of 11 holes for the reinforcing CO2 welding:



CO2 welding in progress:



Water was sprayed on the other side to cool down the temperature:



Spraying water to the welding point:



Done welding (outside):



Inside the trunk:



Polished and sading it with sand paper:



Done sanding:



3M sealer applied:



Paint job:



Completed (outside):


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Completed (inside):




Total labor = 3 hours, after the procedure, the noise was gone, problem solved..under warranty of course.


This seems not to be a single case, because there are at lease 2 owners found this type of issues (the other one found the same noise at the LEFT rear wheel arc area).



Any other 2010 Outback / Legacy wagon owners in other regions having this issue??

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Now, imagine U.S. dealer handling such a problem:


"Customer reported squeaking noise. Test drove the car, did not find problem. Advised customer to turn up the radio volume." :lol:


This reinforcement piece looks kinda crappy. BP does not have anything like, rather it seems the floor board plays this role. I guess things like that explain the cheapend car and minimum weight gain despite significant increase in size.

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