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Need Fenders Rolled

m sprank

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Like the title says. I need a little help from my friends. Putting the new meats on this weekend. Expecting to need a little roll in the rear. Anyone know where I can either rent a roller or get some help?


I am in O'side, but can travel.


Not my first rodeo and I have the heat gun.


Don't make me pay a body shop.


Thanks in advance.



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MSprank: what size wheel/tires are you putting on? Specs?


Wheel is Enkei RPF-1








Lowered on RCE's


I have the same set up on my 5EAT (lowered on Tokicos and Swifts), running 225/40/18. No rub there, but I think the 235's will rub (barely).





Where you located Mr. Cakes?

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I have 235/40/18's, no rub with pinks/bilsteins. I only got rub with my BC BR's cuz they were slammed when I got them, just raised an inch to be ok now.


I'm gonna roll them anyways so I can lower it more and run 245/35/18's

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245/35 is still a rare and expensive size. Really should use 8.5 wheel. Not trying to slam the car. Trying to get track worthy. Also any more rear drop and there is no travel. I don't ride on bump stops.My experience with my 5EAT is that this will rub in bumps and hard cornering.The tire and wheel fit thread says it will rub too.
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I just tested. Only rubs slightly if I hit a speed bump WAY too fast.


But, the idea of 245/35/18 next time around is enticing. The wheels will hold the meat no problem. So, I think I should roll the fender is prep. Tires only last me about 6-8 months anyways.


I will shoot you a PM and see if we can meet up some afternoon.

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With the addition this week of the Whiteline anti-dive caster kit, LCA front bushings, steering rack bushings, and roll center/bump steer kit (combined with the entire suspension set up) I think I am track ready now.


Steering is very "German" feeling. Kind of point and shoot.

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i've searched on nasioc, and apparently everyone loves AWDalbert's work. You'll need to pm him to set up an appointment. I'm still waiting to hear back from him. He does the work at Apollo Performance in Upland




AWDalbert's awesome. Easy to deal with, won't mess up your fenders, and has rolled hundreds of fenders.

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Hey sprank, good lookin ride... definitely sounds like you're track ready. Any plans to go to buttonwillow this year? I want to go down there at least once this year, would be kool to go at the same time so I can see your pimped out ride.
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Willow springs is a little closer. But, I was planning on looking for a driver group renting track time. I have seen postings here and figured I would keep my eyes open. The drive to either would be worth it.


I need a clutch and brakes now. Should have the clutch any day. The brakes... Need some coin, been looking at Stoptech. With the 68HTA/e85 tune now the car is faster than the brakes, clutch is slipping and suspension needs adjustment due to increased speeds.


Track time to sort things out would be really nice. I keep scaring the crap out of other drivers and myself trying to do it on the road.

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I've heard that tracks don't have E85 pumps on site. Are you going to bring spare tanks to refill in between sessions?


Whichever track day you decide on, let me know. NCRC has a couple cheap track days reserved at Buttonwillow ($125), and I think Streets of Willow but I can't remember off the top of my head.

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I can bring fuel. I also have a 91craptacular tune. $125 for a day at the track is worth it. One ticket is going to be 4 times that, lol.


I will check out days and let you know.




My 91craptacular tune.


This is a 3rd gear pull in a SpecB, clutch slipping some around 4000rpm.


I would post a graph for the e85 tune, but it is useless as the clutch slippage is too great.


These numbers would be slightly higher with a good clutch.


2008 SpecB


750cc DW top feeds

255lph Walbro

GS TGV deletes (coated)

3mm phenolic spacers

Perrin LW crank pulley

Perrin EL headers

Cobb uppipe

ERZ catted DP

SPT CBE (modded to 3" flange)

Typhoon intake

AP inlet tube

Prodrive 3 port BCS

GFB BPV (100% recirc)


Infamous1 tune


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