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09 2.5i realistic price?


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my first post, and hopefuly not my last if everything goes well tommorow!


Here's the offering: 09 2.5i 5spd man w/ 40 miles. Dealer demo that was never used. Being sold as a used car and offered at 18,995. Not a bad price i guess, but it's been at the dealer for almost 6 months, and I'd like to offer them 17,500. I'm bad at dealing, especially because I already know I want the car. Think that is too low of an offer? I'm paying cash and they know I like the car.

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don't offer that right away


ask them if they have any incentives for a cash deal etc and work them down on it, ask for value added items if they won't budge too much, ie: maintenance (if they're a trusted dealership) or extended warranty or some accessories/options. i mean they should be semi desperate to move out old inventory esp since they have a new model for MY2010

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ask them if they have any incentives for a cash deal etc


No...ask them if they have incentive for financed offer...better deal for the dealer that way. Also, if you plan to trade..don't. On a car like that they will steal your trade if you let them.


Also....that car costs them money each month..unless of course they bought it outright to keep it off their "floor plan"...some dealers do this so they don't have to give the car away to avoid finance charges.


Remind them that since it is a used car, new car warranty would have started long ago and not at time of your purchase...see if they will throw in a Subaru Gold warranty...


You have some leverage, but depending on the dealer you may not have as much as is expected.


My advice:


Work the deal as if you would any other car deal....let them bring you the numbers at your price including sales tax/title/tags depending on your state....then work down from those numbers.


Get pre-approved first but don't tell them you have cash until the exact purchase price is to your satisfaction. At that point, tell them you have preapproval at " insert interest rate here "...they will try to beat it...if they can GREAT! If they cannot...you're golden.


Never work payments as a negotiating tool...always work the out the door price...always. decide what you are willing to pay...and try to get there. How do you decide?


Auction price for that vehicle w/ 15k on it varies from around 15-17k depending on the model..they are all lumped together so tough to figure out what sold for what...but a limited is selling for less than 17 at auction...these cars are a dime a dozen on the market right now...


I think you are in a great position to pay less than asking price....depends on whether they have had interest in the car. 6 months isn't that long to have had a car on the lot....

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So I got the Legacy! Picking it up Saturday. Traded in

my 2006 VW Gti, and they gave me a fair trade for it.

Ended up paying 18,400 for the Subaru. I feel ok about the deal considering the car is new. So hi, and I look forward to cruising the forum.

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He never said what he got for trade.....nor what he owes...so tough to make the assumption he was otd for 18,400....I think he meant he paid that for the car...never mentioned otd....

I realize all that, but he's making it sound he got about $595 for his trade-in :lol:

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