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drag launch

meier motor sports

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in my manual trans gt i found a good launch technique. i rev it to about 3k. u dont wana be holding it there so if possible let the clutch out as im about to tell u just as its revin up to 3k.


so anyways

rev it to about 3k and slowly but swiftly let the clutch out. dont dump it let it slip a bit. but not to much. and jsut as u start goin mash the gas all the way down and all the way off the clutch. this feals like a pretty good launch to me. my glove box had fallen open on the last try and on this try the owners manual shot out of the glove box and landed on the seat. and that owners manual fits pretty snugly inside the hole.

i find that dumping the clutch gives u a slight chirp and then the car bogs and then takes off

the way i am telling i once got a tiny bit of squeel from the left front i belive and the car took off

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I found blipping the throttle around 4k and then slipping the clutch as I floored it to be the best method. The only problem is you don't want to slip it too much, but you don't want to bog it either.


yeah on one try i sliped it real bad:eek:

if there was day light i think there would have been a mushrrom cloud behind me. or something

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:lol: I had the same thing. Except I was blipping it at around 5k and slipped it. Halfway into the launch the rpms shot up to 6k and the clutch pedal went to the floor although I wasn't pressing on it...wtf? Then it TOOK off. I think there was too much power though and it was the *clutch* slipping. Now I won't go above 4k. For the rest of that night all I smelled was clutch...:rolleyes:
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