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DRL problems

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Here you go:


DRL disable click on the disable word to go to the linkRemember that the search buttom (top right) in your best friend.


This walkthrough shows you exactly where everything is, and also how to remove fasteners and parts without breaking anything.


Green arrows, DRL module

Red arrows, panel attachments


1. Lower the panel above the pedals


There are three plastic attachments for the lower panel. For the two in each side, turn counterclockwise 90 degrees, and the screw head part will pop out, now you can grab it by hand and pull it out completey.

The middle attachment you must use firm pressure on to pull it out.

2. You will see the DRL module on the firewall with a white and black connector. If you can read the green sticker on the top it will say "DRL" on it.

3. Pull the white connector out only, secure it so it does not rattle, perhaps with a zip-tie as shown

4. Put the panel back.

Just push the middle attachment back in

With the "screw head" part of the black attachments extended, push it into the two holes on the sides. Then push the screw head in to lock it into place.


Thanks to Deer Killer for his step by step DIY mod. ;)

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Its not a switch, it's a white plug. And it takes all of about 60 seconds to disconnect if you know where it is. You dont even have to lower the panel, just push it up out of the way. It's quite flexible.
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