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Tribeca will be at Kemah, TX Boardwalk April 23,24th!!


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Hey folks!


Barry here at McRee Subaru. Just wanted to let y'all know the Tribeca will be at the Kemah Boardwalk April 23 and 24!!! It will also be at the dealership on Monday the 25th for a limited time!! I'm assuming it will be a 7 passenger Limited with all the bells and whistles available. We are also taking orders now, and if you do so, you qualify for your pick of a Portable XM radio w/ 1 yr subscription, $500 LL Bean Gift Certificate, or a free Towing Package. This offer is available only April 1st through May 20, and you must take delivery of your Tribeca within 30 days after it arrives. Please call me or email me with any questions...btw, I won't be in when the 'beca is here, so please hold your orders till I get back in the office on Wednesday April 27th!! Also, if you are planning to come in, PLEASE TELL THEM I INVITED YOU!!!


Hope y'all are havin fun on a beautiful day. For those of you who will be participating on Sunday at the SpaceRace, good luck and we'll see ya there! And as always, thanks from McRee Subaru for all you do, this Bud's for you!!!


Barry Waxman



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