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legacy i with mods?

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I'm wondering if anyone on the forum has purchased/modified a Legacy "i" model...inasmuch as I would love an '05 Legacy GT in my driveway, my local Subaru dealership wants an $8K CDN premium over the Base i version w/168 hp so I'm considering purchasing an '05 Legacy i with 5-spd manual. I'm wondering what mods to the normally aspirated "i" version might increase my horsepower & fun quotient somewhat over the base model, but for far less than the 8K premium I'd need to get into a GT. Haven't purchased yet, but hope to within the month. Dealership is suggesting a Cobb After-Cat Exhaust System, lightweight pulley and short-shift kit (if available for the Legacy) as a good starting investment. Thanks in advance for any help!:rolleyes:
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