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Blowout=New Nero M&S


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Bad railroad tracks at 40 mph - blew left front and ruined both front tires. Left rubber marks on the wheels but did not ding them. Hmm, guess I know why everyone else was in the left two lanes on the frontage and the right lane was wide open now.


I opted for four new P Zero Nero M&S 225/45/17. While bigger these are still plus 0.


I ask the tire store clerk if I should still use the 35/33 psi recomended with the bigger tires and he replied that oh 30 or 32 all the way around should do.


35/33 sounds better to me - what do y'all think?

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Right after I bought my wagon I went to Discount tire and purchased road hazard so my damaged tires were covered by road hazard.


I had checked my tire pressure last weekend and they were set to 36/34. This railroad crossing really blew, it had about a three inch rise in the concrete on the far side.

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