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The most bizarre Jazzy mod story.. Help!


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I purchased the pro kit last week. Had Charlie (cfdrumr) install it Saturday. Took a good 4 hours because my radio was being retarded (feel free to elaborate here charlie haha). Finally got it to read the blank cd. Next we installed the Kenwood ipod/iphone cable (http://www.crutchfield.com/S-xAFvXJOitsj/p_113IP301V/Kenwood-KCA-iP301V.html) which is the same exact setup he installed on his car. (walkthrough here> http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=125888)


We got it all installed. Plugged in his iphone 3G and started itunes, music is playing great through all speakers in the car. Everything groovy and good to go right? WRONG! I plug in my iphone 3G, the battery indicator goes into charge mode, and i go to play a song. Then..music comes out of the iphone internal speakers!! Nothing out of the car stereo. I remove my phone. Charlie plugs his Iphone 3G back in. Music plays out of car speakers. He removes his phone, plugs in his ipod classic. Music plays out of car speakers.


Strange right?!


That's just the beginning.


I go over to his car. With the same exact pro kit, and kenwood setup installed. He shows me that his phone works with it. Music plays fine. I plug in my phone to his car's setup. and guess what? My iphone's music plays through his car speakers perfectly!!


Explain that one!


I go to Apple store, the genius bar technician was kind enough to come to my car so I could show him. He first restores my phone, wiping it clean, and adds new music on it so we can test it. He brings his iphone 3GS. I plug in my newly restored iphone 3G. Same result, out of the internal speakers. He tries his phone. Same result.


So in conclusion.


1. My iphone 3G plays music and charges in Charlie's car but does not play music in mine, (only charges).

2. Both his iphone 3G and his ipod classic work in both his car and mine.

3. My newly restored iphone and the apple technician's 3GS do not play in my car (internal speakers).

4. Kenwood's adapter says it is compatible with all versions of the iphone.


Any of you geniuses out there wanna help me figure this mess out?


*Utterly dumbfounded and confused*




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I took it to the apple store and they used compressed air to blow out the bottom of it. (it plugs into the dock connector not the headphone jack). And it's weird that their phone wouldn't work either. I even tested my phone out in one of their bose external music docks and it played fine.
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I have to say I think Steve's HU was built by Satan himself... That thing kept bugging out during the install. I think it is a problem with the phone. Try restoring it to an older firmware. I would like to point out that both my Iphone 3g 16g and my brand new 160gb Ipod Classic play in his car... hmm
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Ok so if I am rading this right only the iPhone 3GS is not playing right? maybe the adapter is not the right one or broken? Just a thought. Can you use his iphone adapter cable in your car? Alo check to make sure all pins are intact on the cable.



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Steve... it cannot be the kenwood unit because my phone and iphone work in your car and the exact same Kenwood unit is used in my car where your phone worked.


Try unplugging the USB power and see what happens. Try using a standard ipod and see what happens.

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Only problem with that is it takes up the headphone jack on the top and the dock on the bottom of the iphone..

it allows you to use either the minijack or the dock connector, you don't use them both at the same time

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