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Me vs. Audi TT

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I was on 70 west on my way home from work. I saw this cars headlights dodging in and out of traffic behind me. I waited to see what car it was. I thought it was probably a teenager in a POS. Well, to my suprise it was a red Audi TT. I dont know if it was an auto or stick or if it was a turbo. The Audi got in the fast lane and started to pass by me. I shifted down to 3rd traveling at 80. The engine was dying to go to redline. I then started to tempt the TT. The first couple of times he didnt go but when I started to pull ahead and forget about the whole thing. He started to go. We raced to 100..110 and he couldnt pull away from me no matter what. We were dead even, I couldnt believe it. He slowed down and got behind me. I know he had to see what just kept up with his TT. Then after that he got in the slow lane an sat at 70 til my exit. I guess I pissed him off. It was pretty fun. I know if I had my AP(which is on order) I would have passed him just enough to say I won!!
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Good goin! I beleive the entire Audi TT range has turbo engines; single tail pipe is the 1.8t w/180hp and the twin pipe is the 1.8t w/225hp. Ooops and then there's the 3.2 V6. The 3.2 is pretty quick at sea level.


I run with Subaru's / Audi's all the time up Vail Pass here in Colorado. Its a little farther west than MD, however I-70 just the same. Small world.




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Cheers, Mike



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I had a similar exerience with a VW W8 Passat. I saw HID's coming up behind me and when he tried to pass I hit the gas and beat him up to 100 and then slowed down. It was night time and I didn't know what car it was until it passed and I saw the four tail pipes on the back of the VW.


05 Outback XT MT

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You most likely had a run with a Audi TT 3.2 DSG

Same engine the Golf R32 uses, just tuned for 10 more hp.

But since the Audi TT is a bit heavier than the R32, they'll

perform about the same. Which is to say...a bit slower out of

the gate than a stock LGT, but runs equal to our cars

at freeway speeds. (They both trap in the 97-98 mph range 1/4 mile stock).


You would have slowly reeled in the 225 hp 1.8T

And would have walked around the 180 hp 1.8T

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That may change soon though.

With Audi/VW's new direct injection 2.0T, I'm guessing that

will drop into the Audi TT as the base engine at 200 hp.

If they made a "high pressure" version of that pumping

out 240+ hp, it would be the engine to have in the Audi TT

With just as much power, but lighter weight...it would go pretty well.

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