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First drive in snow in my LGT

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We got our first dump of the year yesterday (late for us), about 10 inches of the awful white stuff.

I've never driven a Subie in the snow, so I couldn't wait to get out there and give it a try. I was all set with four new Blizzaks on winter rims,

first thing I've got to say, is what a blast! :icon_bigg:cool:

I'm an older dog compared to most of you, I've got more than a few decades of driving sideways from Nov. to Aprl. in RWD drive cars, steering with the gas and hand brake.

First thing that I noticed is that once you shut off the traction control, you can kick out the ass with the gas just like in a RWD! :cool: My last DD was an '05 Mustang GT, four skinny Toyo 16's for winter. Very similar feel and control balance in the snow, but of course the Subie has gobs more traction with the AWD. I also noticed that the braking effect from downshifting is more pronounced, the fact that all four wheels are being slowed is very noticeable.

So two questions; Can I rig the traction control so that it will stay off as the default? I don't want to permanently disable it, but the switch is in a bad location to hit whenever I start the car.

Second question; Can I do the same with the ABS? I hate ABS on icy surfaces, I like to be able to lock the wheels when desired.





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