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Exedy Clutches

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any one on here using an Exedy stage one or two clutch with a wrx flywheel? If so let me kno what you think!


Next time try clicking REVIEWS or using the SEARCH option before posting a topic when there is already a review section that people have worked on to answer these very questions without posting.


I would point out that in the review section there is a review of a F1 WRX racing 13lb flywheel and a EXEDY STAGE 1 CLUTCH KIT that I myself wrote. The exerp from the bottom was borrowed from another clutch review that holds as true for my setup as theirs! (RE: lightened flywheel noises, long term reliability, etc)





Hope it helps



PM me if you have any more questions but I personally suggest that if you have an 05 to 08 LGT you snatch up the STAGE 2 clutch that is on sale by member BSAX14.


He is asking $450 shipped for a stage 2 kit ($520). I just paid $450 for my stage 1 so this is $70 dollars off.





If you are going to stay under 300-320+hp or DD in bumper to bumper heavy traffic a stage 1 clutch is probably more suitable for you.

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