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MAF/ICV Diagram Anyone 1993 Legacy L


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Does anyone have a diagrom of the mass air flow sensor for a 1993 subaru legacy. I seem to have a problem with it causing it to have low RPMs at the light. SOme people have sugested also that the ICV is clogged. I am hoping these are easy fixes and just need to knwo where thjey are on the car. I have 194k and I am trying to win a bet that I cant put 300k on this car. Thanks for the help everyone this is the BEST PLACE to find answers to the BEST Car ever Made. Thanks
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Are you trying to butter us up? Kiss our butts? :lol:


The IACV is located on the left (pass) side of the intake manifold. Take it out and use something like CRC electronic degreaser or something similar, which is safe to spray into it.




Also the MAF is located on the tube going from the airbox to the intake. It has an electronic plug going into it. Use the same CRC electronic cleaner to degrease that as well.

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