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09 Spec B exhaust fits


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This is my first post. Please forgive me if this has been covered. I'm taking my O9 spec B to Cobb's version of "stage II" but I'm not sure which CBE exhaust fits the 09 spec B and of couse the Cobb DP. I'm fairly sure any exhast that has been installed on the 08 Spec B will fit but I want to be sure because I'm hearing horror stories about oxy sensors not ligning up etc. The tune shops I've spoke with are playing the old "09 isn't listed in the catalog for this exhause so we can't guarantee, etc, etc" From searching the forum it would seem many folks with the 08 spec b's have used


HKS Silent HI Power




Will these also fit the 09? Any other options? It seems Perrin, Greddy, Megan are not making ehaust for 08-09 models.





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