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Sylvania H7 Ultra blistering


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Hi all,


There appears to be an overheating issue with the Ultra series of H7 bulbs. I've used these on my 05 OBXT and my 06 LGT.

Three out of the four Ultra bulbs I've used have blistered prior to failure.


The attached picture shows two of the bulbs. The filament in both bulbs is still intact, thus still emitting light. However, the blistering scorches and alters the original bulb design, thus impairing the light output.


Luckily there appears to be no damage to the projector.


I've contacted Sylania and waiting for their response. I'm going back to the Silverstar series for now.


UPDATE: While Sylvania did not confirm that others had experienced similar problems, they did offer to replace my blistered bulbs. Sending them in for replacement.

UPDATE 2: Sylvania replaced not just the two bulbs I sent, but all four and in only about one week. Very pleasant and prompt customer service. I will still be switching back to the Silverstar series.




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There were a couple posts on this earlier this year.
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