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Dyno Tune and Sway Installed


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I got my dyno tune at RP on Wed and installed 25mm Perrin F&R sway bars. Since I got the TDC tune it was not a huge different feel but was told the TDC stage 2 tune was little lean. I went to skiing on Thu and Sat and the car felt more stronger. The exhaust note sounds different, too.

As many people said, I got better mileage. It wasn't expected because the TDC tune was lean but I got about 2-3 mpg increase on freeway driving. I'm not driving like grandma and I usually drive from HR to the tunnel in an hour. Let me check this later.


With sways, the car is really solid. Some of the I-70, I was able to turn smoothly at 80 mph without any rolling in some of the big turns. I believe you guys know where I'm talking about. I really like the solid handling. I don't have any noise or thing like that.

The front Perrin endlinks were installed but they couldn't get the AVO rear endlinks so I have stock rear endlinks now. They said the rear endlinks will not be broken unless I raced or put ridiculous amount of force. I called the AVO before I purchase the rear endlinks and was told it would work in stock suspension car. The installer told me it is little bit short. So, I'm thinking getting the adjustable AVO endlinks with returning the solid AVO endlinks.


By the way, I got 212 HP and 248 lb-ft with my Ice Bear winter tire.

From Desert to Rocky to SLC !!!
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