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Fog light Mod!!!!


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I just did this today and it works perfectly!!!!! If any of you prefer to use the fog lights without the headlights but with the parking lights only, this is the mod you need to do. It maintains the fogs dropping out when headlights are switched to high beam as well.


1. Drop drivers side underdash (lower black plastic panel with diagnostic plug) by removing the two phillips pop screws (left and right) and popping the center round pop (use a pop tool or pull down on panel carefully).


2. Unclip diagnostic plug by inserting a pick tool into the white slot facing you and putting pressure on the black diagnostic plugs clip inside this slot and pull upward. The other side will release as well.


3. Remove one phillips screw from right side lower dash near the center console.


4. Raise the tilt steering wheel to highest point.


5. Carefully pull the upper underdash panel releasing all clips. Be gentle and make sure the air vent is released as well, it can get cought and break of the underdash.


6. Unplug all the connectors on the left side (dimmer, mirrors, heated windshield).


7. Locate the relay cluster to the right of the fuse box.


8. Release the 2 clips holding the relay cluster to the fuse box.


9. The left bottom relay is the Fog Light relay.


10. Turn the cluster around so you can access the wires behind that relay.


11. The lowest and thickest wire (purple/white or blue/white) will be the wire you will need to work with. I am partially color blind and am pretty sure it's Purple/white but I could be wrong so that's why I give 2 colors.


12. This wire will read 12v+ with headlights powered on (key must be on)


13. Cut this wire and tape off the car side with electrical tape. The relay side must be spliced and extended to another location. This is a low current wire for the relay's solenoid and is not a power feed for the fog lights. The factory 15 amp fuse will remain intact for the fog lights.


14. Carefully run the extended wire to the dimmer control that was unpugged upon the dash pannel removal, use wire ties to secure this wire to make sure it cannot short to anything.


15. The clip side of the dimmer plug has one wire (blue or purple) that tests as a 12v+ park light wire. Splice the wire that was extended into this wire and it's done.


16. Close everything back up and enjoy.


Be sure to locate and test all wires prior to attempting. If you have very little or no experience with automotive electrical systems find someone who does.


Good Luck

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Everyone, including me, want to know how to wire it so the fog lights are "TOTALLY" independant!




Just the fogs!

Parking lights and fogs!!

or even better Lo beam, hi beam and Fog lights!!!




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If you want to wire them to operate on their own, just hook the purple/white wire to a constant 12v+ source or ignition. Use a fuse of course, a 3 amp fuse is fine. They will operate on their own via the switch but will still turn off with the high beams. If you want them to work with everything you could just add your own switch and lose the funtionality of the factory one.
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I just got my OB two days ago and was reading the owner's manual (yeah, I do that). It says that the fogs are supposed to work with parking lights. Of course, mine don't.


I've found that in heavy fog, it's a real advangage to have just your lowest-mounted set of lights on to see where the lanes are, so I was pretty surprised to see that they didn't work as advertised.

Thanks for the tip. I'll try it next time my wife isn't where she can see me messing with the underdash wiring.

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