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Great Driving Roads in SoCal


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I'll be in the LA area in early December visiting some friends. I'm renting a Vette for a day and was looking for some recommendations for great driving roads from the locals.


Two years ago I did the same thing on a whim. I've been up and down PCH and was thinking this time I'd actually plan it out. I don't want to venture too far away from LA since I have to pay for mileage and have to get the car back by 6pm to LAX. I figure I'll be able to do about 7 or 8 hours of driving.


I was just going to checkout the canyon roads around Malibu, but what do you guys suggest for any scenic/fun routes.

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I forgot to add that another thing going for Little Tujunga is that (depending on which way you're going), iirc there's a couple of gas stations and an In-N-Out at one side... so you can have fun without worrying about fuel and also experience the goodness that is In-N-Out at the same time. I've never seen a cop there hiding out or anything, and depending on what time you get there, there won't be many (if any) cars. Great road overall. Other canyons you might want to check out are GMR/Azusa and (although I don't really like this one) Turnbull.
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