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pinks part number


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well the quote i got with shipping was

<For Subaru Legacy BP/ BL>

*166-009-047 STi COIL SPRING/ RR: 17,200JPY

*166-009-042 STi COIL SPRING/ FR: 17,200JPY


Sub Total: 34,400JPY

Shipping to USA via DHL: 18,900JPY


It takes about 10 to 15 days for preparation and delivery after we

recieve your payment. (Estimated days are until the package arrives

at the country and domestic delivery would take some more days)

Mail Order Card Sale (5%) for Credit Card Company: 2,805JPY


Grand Total: 56,105JPY


Universal Currency Converter



about $527

shipping is a little high

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That's $320 for the springs, which I'm not convinced are STI Pink springs, plus and additional $200 for shipping and credit card charges. For that price, you'll be further ahead to get them from RaceCompEng. And you're sure you're getting the STI Pinks and not an WRX STI Spring which would be the wrong fit.



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