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Turbo with a twist.....


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..... since it a diesel :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:









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Get that engine cover off'a there and show us some guts. Is that the same plastic endtanked intercooler that we have on the 2.5 GT? What does the turbo look like? Is it a VF series? That thing must sound nuts. Can we get a sound clip too? I know that the TDI VWs are painfully slow. What is this thing like to drive?


Sorry for all the questions and requests. I'm just excited:)

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1. Suabru claims 40,6 MPG (US) reallife after 30000 kms: 36.2 MPG (US)


2. 0-100 km/h; 9,2 sek; Vmax: 200 km/h VERY nice performance in 50-130 km/h



3: A variable nozzle type turbocharger has been specially designed to deliver ample turbocharged performance across the entire engine range. The turbocharger itself has been positioned under the engine and mounted directly to the catalytic




4: 150 hp and 350 Nm so way better performance then the 2,5 more in line with the 3,0...

If you say a modern diesel is slow you haven´t tried one...


5: Sound: you tube and you'll find several clips key words "Subaru" "boxer" "Diesel"




http://www.boxerdiesel.com/ is Subarus own "brag site"

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