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New to the club....Hi all


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Never owned a subaru before till i bought my fist last year. It was an 03 WRX aspin white. Mint condition. Ran it into a fence and fixed her up. With the extra cash i had from the insurance i added a body kit rims and gauges. Cost was getting kinda high on the car so i had to sell it. I paid 22,220 for it with 15k miles on it. I was able to sell it for 23,000 with 24k miles. When i traded it into the dealer i pick up my current car a 97 Legacy 2.5 GT in mint condition as well. I lucked out, the same day i traded my WRX the legacy came in. I paid 6,500 for the legacy.


So now i have my legacy and a new job that pays double what i was making when i had my WRX ( Go figure ) and am looking for any sort of performance parts. Located in Westminster CO.

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