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FInally caught an Evo at the light..

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Normally the Evo are always driving on the other ide of the divider....so tonight i saw one (on the other side) and made a quick u-bie with my subie.

Caught him at the light....rolled windows down...he was stock asked me what car i had and i obliged...nice guy!!!

So it turns green and of course as expected he got me by 2 car lengths or so until we hit 60 and he kept going and i gave up (didnt want a ticket...it was a 45mph zone).

Ah well a good run....boy the evo pulls nicely..plus i did a regular launch with the sport mode while he had the luxury of a 5MT (that will be solved soon for me as soon as the 06 comes out.....gawd how many times will i say that LOL)


Lucky for him i didnt have a 5MT or an STI.....I could tell his skillz with the 5MT werent that good. If we had comparable cars...he would've been in trouble :)


Nice friendly fun run.Results as expected...i could feel the weight of my car on that run......time to take the spare and rear seats out..ha ha juss kidding


But to console myself i said....he's got a cheap interior and i got leather heated seats, a better looking dash and 3 series comparable interior.


Part of me wishes i had an STI tonight.....but even if i did...i'd get tired of the ride quality and cheap interior eventually. Key word here is TRADE-OFF..just like everything else in life!!!!

Waiting for monday till AP gets here.....that'll cheer me up some:rolleyes:

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Moved to other cars section.


I used to want an Evo, but I've come to my senses and chose creature comforts over the performance. My best friend is getting his Evo MR next week, though..



well if i was looking at that segment, i would still choose an STI over an EVO....i just dont see myself as a mitsu person even tho the evo has slightly better front-end looks than the STI.

I am a die-hard subie fan.....except when i bought the pilot....but the LGT wasnt out yet and i didnt wasn a rex.

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From all I have heard and read the EVO is a bit faster than the STI in a sprint. This is from an STI owners mouth. A 14.3 qtr mile is very possible but an LGT at that same track on that same day would go 15's.
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dude.... why bother when u have an autobox? :rolleyes: why why why....


why not!

I did better than the opponent expected.

I bet he went home and looked up the numbers on the LGT.

I was only a couple of car lengths away from him...thats pretty respectable for a sedan that is heavier and has a more refined interior. Plus he knew i had an auto.

It's all in good fun....and it teaches one 'humility'

Plus what else would i have done...picked on a civic...nah...i'd rather take an evo as a challenger and humbly loose.


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:cool: Evo a step an a halfe out. Even wit a mT But you never know you could catch a rookie out there who not good on the clutch. I just got done racing a Cadillac looked like the new Vseries but i put it at 4200 and dropped it timed the light perfect he was slow gettting off i was a hair late hitting second but still I was pulling to about 3 lenghts and then he pulled it to within one good race i got him by few lengths from light to light but i aplaud your courage wit da EVO!:D
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wouldn't a stage 2 manual hang with an EVO?


I agree.

If not take it.

The EVO is a hard car to launch well.

A good driver in an LGT with ECUtek might get the best of an average

driver in an EVO in the first couple gears.

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I beat my friend's Evo with my stock GT Limited wagon 5MT. We went from a stop to about 80 and I had him by about a car length the whole way. :D Granted, he didn't get a good launch and I got a perfect one. ;)



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