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Ion Performance Springs Pictures!


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Well, my good friend Les and I put on the springs today, along with the AVO endlinks. It was a piece of cake, the rears were really easy to change. A spring compressor is a must!


Here is a picture of the car before lowering.


Picture of Springs and Endlinks


Picture of the top nuts for the rear shocks


Picture of spring compressor on old rear spring, for those who wanted to know what it looked like. (Rented from Autozone)


Picture of whole shock assembly, when we are just getting ready to take it apart.


New spring (Rear).


and .. finally, the pictures!


Left front close


Left Rear close


There you go ...


As far as driving impressions, the car is a bit firmer, but the ride is not harsh at all. Not compared to my Honda with Apexi WS Coilovers :) Thanks again to Jack at Ion Performance!

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Legacy05 - Lookin' good Tony! :) I hope you remembered the tip I gave you on the camber bolts. Wait about 1 week or so before getting the car aligned. It's great to see you've finally gotten a chance to install our Sport Spec springs :)


Yup, we marked where they were before taking the bolts out .. :)

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lisn2me2 - James, we're still testing out the bushings for various other compressive and sheer properties of urethane to use.


In regards to your comment about the strut tower bar in the front, it would help the turn-in slightly, however it's not something that is absolutely required.


I'd suggest waiting a couple more days to make sure all the rubber components have settled first. The wheel arches on the fronts are actually larger then the rear, so any lowering in the rear looks more then it does in the front.

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