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Toyo or Falken?


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I just bought a set of 19x8 inch wheels for the GT and I am trying to decide on tyres. The options I have been given for 225/35/19 are:


Falken ST-115


Toyo FZ-4 225


Are these the the comparable tyres in each brand?


What is the better tyres?





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For 19", these are some good prices and the specs seem very similar. http://www.edgeracing.com/tires/2253519/


However, the major difference seems to be that the Falken is a dedicated UHP summer tire while the Toyo Proxes FZ-4 is an HP all season tire


Guess it would depend on what you want from the tire but I'm not sure you could go wrong with either of them. You should have no problem mounting them up to an 8" rim.



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I had 245-45-19 ST115s on my allroad...NOT A FAN. Sidewalls are soft, traction in dry is fair, but they give way after a bit of pushing....and they are crap in the rain. I switched to ContiExtremeContacts, and those all season tires held better and had a better ride then the Azenis ST115s. The Falkens also had poor tread life for the all wheel drive...50% tread gone in about 8K miles...and my allroad was an automatic.
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