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Odd headlight issue, what am i missing?

Blue GT

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So driving home 2 nights ago everything was fine until i went over some railroad tracks and I hear a click. My high beam signal (blue light on dash) goes off and i loose one of my headlights completely.

I put them back to low beams and both the lows and highs on both lights stay on (highs on a much lower output).


DRLs are disabled, and i at this point am not sure what happened? Any ideas?


Thanks guys,

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I have a funny feeling it's gonna happen again.

There's a short somewhere, that happens when you hit a bump just right.

06LOB2.5i MT, JDMRSB, GYTTs, HPS, LGT Mufflers & Leather Wheel, SubiMomo Knob, Inalfa Moonroof, Clutch Switch Bypass, DeDRLd, DeChimed, & Straight Headrest.
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