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opinions on a used wheel/tire set...


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Hi all,

Been talking to a guy in my area that's selling his old wheelset:


They are ADR Sukudo 10's in 18X7.5...he had them mounted on an '02 WRX wagon and I'm looking to put them on my '05 LGT. Based on the info I've gleaned from the help threads they should fit nicely, and they're mounted with "Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3's with at least 65% treadwear remaining"


He's asking $500 for the set...I'm looking to replace my stockers and my budget is quite limited. Seems to me its a good price for a summer set with nice looking rims to boot...but I'm interested in what you guys have to say.


Also, I expect I'll have to seek some professional help with fit and balancing...not sure I could just throw them on in the garage with no worries...what do you guys think?

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Seems like a good price make sure the wheels are in good condition with no major bends and make sure the tires are worn evenly with no camber/alignment wear. As for installation make sure you have proper lug nuts and torque them down to 75-80ft/lbs if you do it yourself.
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