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3" downpipe adapter users, did it change the sound of your exhaust?


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I have been chasing down exhaust leaks since I installed my uppipe over a year ago and my downpipe shortly after. I've spent $100's on gaskets, OEM, Remflex, ECT...and followed about half a dozen different install procedures, buy my car still sounds like a mid 80's FWD GM with a hole in the muffler. I do have one small leak I found visually with soapy water and my wife revving the car at the cross pipe to manifold, but the car sounds like it's leaking badly. I don't have the "banshee scream" so the pre-turbo leak is small (and may even seal up after everything is hot) but I think the car just sounds ghetto.


I can't locate a leak at the turbo to UP gasket, the turbo to DP gasket, or at the DP to cat-back, but I have this echoing fuh, fuh, fuh, fuh, fuh when I'm accelerating and I'm almost too embarrassed to drive it.


I'm running an Invidia cat-less DP which has a 3" flat-flange connection at the end, and I'm running the stock cat-back which seems to seal sufficiently (barely), I'm guessing because of the large flare at the mid-pipe designed for a doughnut-style gasket. I can hear the noise when the car is revved and I'm laying underneath, but don't feel any leaks with my hands and can't find any with soapy water. It seems that I can almost put my ear on the pipe and it sound like the noise is inside.


Could it just be turbulence in the piping of the gases hitting the "funnel" of the flare that one of these adapters could help with?




or maybe all those gasses entering the factory resinator are doing it?


Has anybody had this issue and solved it? Did anybody who uses the adapter noticed a difference in sound before and after it was installed?

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is it a weird, raspy, tinny sound? Very metalic and hard to listen to?


thats just the flow going through the crappy stock cans. Throw some bolt ons or get some magnaflows wended on and it will be gone...

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It is kind of a tinny "flapping" sound and it is definatly hard to have to listen to, though it usually sounds like it is coming from under the center of the car. And when I'm laying under it, it sounds like it's in the down pipe. Hhmmm, I wonder if I can find someone local to let me "borrow" their cans to see if it changes. Although I wanted to keep the stock cans because I want to keep the car relatively quiet.
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