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I'm a total newbie to LGT so I wanted to check before ... ;)


Since I live in Japan and can get JDM parts like almost every where; do I have to be a vendor to sell parts or help with people looking for parts?


I do have a regular day job and this would be just an extension to my own personal hobby.

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Selling parts for profit = vendor


If you were gonna help a member out and source a part for them or something, not making money off it like a business, I think that would be okay. Just don't make a post soliciting to purchase parts for people at a premium.


That being said, can you get more enthusiast type goods, like delta speed, Giala, etc? I know there's a couple guys trying to do S402 conversions etc.


Good to have you aboard, and welcome. :)

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Thanks for the reply!


Originally, I was not really thinking of doing a onine type of shop. I was thinking of more of something along the lines of just finding parts in Subaru Land and pass them along to members. Possibly taking a small fee for my time.


Is there a site fee to be a vendor?



Never heard of Giala or Delta Speed until now. Since I speak Japanese, I don't mind contacting those companies for you directly.




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