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Buying a new car...

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Hey Everyone I am getting ready to buy a new car, I want a Legacy GT. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what car to purchase. I have built several cars in the past including a few turbod hondas and a couple FD RX-7s along with a MK4 Supra. So I know that sometimes it is no worth to buy the top of the line model car if your planning on building one. So I don't know if it is worth it buying a Spec B or not what are everyone's thoughts on the matter? and are there certain years of cars I should stay away from. I just need any useful information thank you.
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Well if you want a Legacy, either go with the GT or Spec B. There are only a few differences between the two, mainly the fact that the Spec B has a 6 speed tranny in 07 and newer. The Spec B comes loaded with sunroof, navigation and audio controls in the steering wheel where the non-limited GT doesn't. The Spec B also comes with 18 inch wheels compared to the GT's 17. When it comes to buying brand new, there is about a 6k price tag difference between the two. Remember, the two both have the same engine and hp, so if you think that the roof, navi, and wheels are worth the extra money go for it, buy the Spec B. If not, you can easily buy the GT and still have a sexy, fun, fast car. I personally have an automatic GT and regret that I didn't buy a manual one or a Spec B. Getting on these forums will enable you to do just about anything to your car. There are plenty of smart people on here with great idea. Look at the DIY pages and you'll be good to go. Good luck with the buy!
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The spec b, comes with 6spd (all around better/stronger transmission than the 5mt), navi, memory driver seat with alcantera inserts. It also has 18" wheels with summer rubber, VDC, Bilstein suspension, aluminum suspension components and a beefier rear torsen limited slip differential. Imo this is all well worth the 6k msrp difference. When it came to buying new, I paid less than 4k over the price of the standard LGT.


Here are the gear ratios for the 5mt/6mt for 2008.


5spd manual available on GT sedan only

1st 3.166

2nd 1.882

3rd 1.296

4th 0.972

5th .738

final reduction 3.900


6 spd manual, spec.B only

1st 3.636

2nd 2.235

3rd 1.521

4th 1.137

5th 0.891

6th 0.707

final 3.900

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The HP, TQ, and transmissions are all the same on the '07-'9 LGT's and Spec.B's. Nothing changed over those years. Just 5 spd vs 6 spd in the LGT vs. B, that's it I believe. :)
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Thank you for the information, what if I didn't get a new one. I have been looking at the 2007's. Is it still the same for the 2007's?


Minor tweaks, but pretty much the same. The '07s have the blue/black seats, which are drop dead gorgeous too! ;)

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wait nvm.. here it goes


-Want to go really fast for very little money- buy an evo.

-would buy an evo except 1) demographic sucks. 2) insurance is high due to #1 3)the CEO of mitsubishi's grandfather spat on yours and there is a family feud.- buy an Sti

-would buy an sti except I want to look like a grownup and can do without things like a front LSD and that DCCD thing- buy a legacyGTspecB

-would buy a legacyGTspecB except I am a few thousand dollars short and I dont need a rear torsen diff and 6 speeds and nifty color seats- buy a LGT

car for sale. PM me!
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