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Too many pipes !


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I was told that the OEM 07 lgt uppipe doesnt have a cat...it that cheaper to buy than an aftermarket up pipe wile still giving the same gains in spool time?...and also whats the difference between an up pipe and a down pipe ? does anyone have a diagram showing both of them on the car? ...im still new ha :rolleyes:
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up pipe is from your exhaust manifolds UP to the turbo and the downpipe is from the turbo DOWN to the catback exhaust.


and yes, oem 07+ lgt is catless, you can get one of those or suggested is an up pipe with a flew section..such as a grimmspeed..i'm sure there are other brands but i forget them at this moment.


downpipe is really up to you, if you are going with just a downpipe but stock exhaust, the cobb will bolt up without needing a flange adapter. most, if not all aftermarket downpipes are 3". and i believe the stock catback system is 2.5". the borla catback system is 2.5" as well

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