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Consensus on Legacy suspension on Outback?


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What is the consensus on lowering an Outback using Legacy suspension.


In the Forester world, leaving the spacers under the car are fine.


Anyone actually done the math about camber curves or anything by lowering an Outback while keeping the spacers?


I'm about to pick up a set of Endura-Tech's and I haven't decided what to do with the spacers. I'm going to keep as much ride height as possible.


What input do you guys have?

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Don't have them yet but intrax makes a lower spring specifically for the ob xt 1.6" in front 1.3" in rear already replaced the factory control arm bushings with offset bushings big difference in handling and for a lowered car. Gound springs on sfx performance. Funny I bought my ob xt from criswell in gaithersburg and live in hagerstown
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