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Warranty question, tunes

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So, I've had my car for roughly one month, and still under the full warranty, it's an 06 that was bought in Feb. 07 and only has 20000miles on it. So i still have the 3yr/36k warranty and the 5yr/60k warranty.


Now question is, i want to get myself a tune (stage1), from my local tuner (amazing tunes) and i was wondering, since its aftermarket, will it void my warranty? Lets say i have to bring back the car in for warranty issues or just service, and i switch it back to stock tune (OEM) will they notice that the car was tuned?


I'm completely stock, no mods, just want to get rid of the hesitation/stutter problem on my car by tuning it!


The question is, will it void the warranty if i tune my car to Stage1 and tune it back to stock for warranty work?



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I suggest you search this more because this has been discussed several times.
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