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Rear end Squeal/Whine

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Hello all,


I have searched the forum and I found one similar posting it was from like 4 years ago so I think I will re ask the question for some advise.


My car: 1999 Subaru Legacy GT 5 speed with 2.5


The problem is I have a Whine that turns into a Loud Squeal, coming from the rear end of the car. From about 3000 The noise starts, and progressively gets worse until I shift at around 5k rpm (Think merging onto highway). It does not matter what speed I am driving, or what gear I am in. As soon as I hit above 3000RPM the noise starts. The more Gas I give it, the louder the noise. The higher the RPM, the louder the noise.


A good example is this. When traveling on the highway, at about 75mph the car spins at 3500RPM. At this speed I do not hear the noise. The moment I hit a hill, and cruise kicks in more power, the whine returns. IF I where to downshift on that hill to 4th and really give er, it would be a High Pitches Squeal.


Anyone have any good ideas ? It was suggested by a mechanic it could be a wheel bearing or CV.. any input you guys have would be great. And the noise is coming, somewhere from the rear end of the car.

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KnifeyMcShanker... you where right. The problem is with the exhaust. Before, when I was trying it standing still I was simply not flooring it, only half throttle. If I stand still and floor it, I hear the sound sitting still. With the help of my wife, I can confirm its coming from the exhaust system.
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