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Inspecting used 05' Legacy 2.5GT, came upon a few problems

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I just recently bought a 2.5GT and was told there has been no accidents on the vehicle.


After further inspection because both headlights don't work (bulb burnt out), I looked further to find markings on the inside of the bumper, the intake, and "X's on the inside of the hood and radiator support.


Both fenders bolts look BRAND new, but the strut tower bolts have corrosion. Other noticeably dirty bolts is the hatch mechanism as well.


I looked at the seams of the strut tower and they seem to be OEM.


What areas do you suggest me inspect to see weather or not this car has been in a serious accident or not.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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The thing that is weird is both fender bolts look exactly the same, but that would mean a pretty big collision in the front to mangle both fenders. Everything connecting to the fenders seem to be legit, look pretty new.


I know the bumper is replaced for sure since it has a # inside written in whiteout.

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That or the car was fixed in a shop without having it registered in carfax.


Look for telltale signs of spot welds being stressed in various points.


And of course - ask questions about the parts that seems to have been replaced. I find it unusual that the fenders would be replaced due to performance parts, but they may have been removed and replaced for some reason and then new screws were used. Can have been a minor thing that required bumper replacement and the fenders were just taken off to make the work easier.

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