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2nd to 3rd shift in 5eat, transmission chatter


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I recently purchased a used abp 2005 legacy gt 5eat unlimited that had 39,000 miles. The responses I got in the previous thread I made really helped me in making the purchase so id like to thank you for the help. I haven't had the best of luck since I got the car... The dealership had to replace the turbo before the dealership gave it to me. Then, 2000 miles later, the whole engine and turbo went and had to be replaced. Apparently it was a 9000 dollar repair job and it was all covered under warranty. Since then i have driven the car lightly to properly break in the new engine. It has about 45,000 miles on it now, and while accelerating (at a shift point around 3000 rpm) from 2nd to 3rd, the car chatters a bit and it feels like it doesnt engage. The problem is even more pronounced going up hills. I still have about 1.5 years left on the warranty, and I was wondering if this was a common problem and how I should go about having it fixed. Also how urgently should I get it looked at?

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How many revs does it slip up before it grabs the gear? If it's a significant amount, I'd say the 2-3 clutchpack is slipping and gone. I would take it in to your dealer and have them out for a test drive ASAP. You do NOT want to pay for this out of pocket, if the tranny is a goner it's about 5 grand to replace.
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Has anyone found reason for this problem?


I have the same issue. I have 2006 specB, 3.0, and gearbox has done 65k km. I bought car new, but at 65k km it had warranty engine and gearbox change, so total mileage now is 130k km.

Have been doing careful search here for last two days, and have found that several other people also have had this issue, but no one reports on solution.


I feel that at low throttle, low rpm (below 2500) there is slight vibration when gearbox shifts from 2nd to 3rd. Vibration lasts only some second or so, I could describe it as that gearbox can not make up its mind jumping between gears two or three times, but I do not see any changes on rev counter.


I had full service 10kkm ago, including all liquid, filter change etc. Only issue I found is that oil level in warm gearbox actually is higher than dot in dipstick, but I doubt it could be causing this. Car is serviced only in dealers service (but of course it does not 100% mean, that they had used subaru ATF).


From several cases described here I noticed, that people blame Asmoil oil. Could it be, that it is caused by oil?

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