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Any Major Problems with the 2009 Outback

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I'm guessing you are asking about the '09 but I'll speak to the 2010 as well.


There will be no 2010 Outback 2.5 XT. It will only be available in the 2.5i and 3.6R.


Also the 2010 is a virtually a full remodel of the Outback so while Subaru's track record for reliable cars and the Outback's good marks in CR are nice trends to look at and give heed to they don't necessarily indicate how reliable this new generation will be.


If you want the turbo you might still be able to get a '09 or you can always buy used. If you want more of an SUV/CUV go with the Tribeca. If you want a new Outback try out the 2010 and see if you like it. As for reliability I've always had good experiences with Subaru's, my family has had 5 so far dating back to 1990, and I've never really had to do more than a fix here or there but things do eventually wear out and need replacing.


Bottom line go in and take a look, figure out what you want and buy what will serve your needs the best. Subaru is a good brand and will take care of you but just like everything in life there are exceptions.

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I mis-spoke on the model. I have not decided what to look at. I am looking for an AWD/4WD vehicle in a wagon or small SUV. I tend more toward the wagon, seeking a better ride and handling.


I had one of the 1996 Outbacks with the piston slap problem. Subaru refused to replace the engine for a year, until I retained an attorney. They replaced the engine, but, the vehicle was never the same. My neighbor had transmission problems with a Forester of about the same vintage.


I guess they fixed the engine problem. Found a few links on problems, but, nothing glaring.


Guess I will include Subaru in my search.

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