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Got tuned today, results


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So I finally had the opportunity to get my car properly tuned. Almost put down the numbers I was hoping for, but a hot day cut that a bit short. Was hoping for 270hp/320tq, maybe on a different day.



-K&N drop in filter

-Upgraded TMIC

-Turboback exhaust

-Cattless uppipe


Dyno Chart



And a video of the final pull

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_w7DA0crVo]YouTube - 2005 Legacy GT Stage 2 Protune Final Run[/ame]

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If that is all you have for mods, those seem like some really good numbers! I bet it feels a world better then OTS map or even E-tune. Enjoy!


I forgot to add I have a GrimmSpeed uppipe. But yes, it is worlds better than the etune I had on before.

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Holy cooling fans batman! Is that to simulate air flow @ 300mph? Numbers look great!


There were 3 fans total. One on the TMIC and the big one you see in the vid. And there is also a 3rd blowing up towards the passenger side headlight for the airbox.

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So here is my question..


The stock boost control solenoid on my car wasnt cutting it, and wasnt allowing boost to hit the targeted 19psi that the tuner was shooting for. To fix this, we installed a MBC and set it to 19psi.


If I were to install a GrimmSpeed BCS should the tuner be able to update my map with the right parameters so that the car still hits 19psi, or will it have to go back on the dyno?

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