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Have some questions about new tires for my 06 Legacy


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The original Yokohama Advan A82a's have just about worn out at around 37,000 miles and I have started looking for some new tires. I haven't ever bought tires before so it has seemed kinda daunting with all the different types but I have started to narrow things down some.


Living in Atlanta we don't really ever get snow but I do drive up to snowboard in North Carolina and to visit family in NE Tennessee 5 or 6 times during the winter so I do normally drive it in light snow at least a couple times a year so I don't think summer tires are right for me, but if anyone knows of some summer tires that would still be able to get me around those 2 or 3 times a year I would be open to it. Otherwise I have started thinking about all season tires and I do want the tires to be at least pretty decent performance tires, but since I don't have a legacy GT I don't know that I want to pay for really high performance tires.


Also I know the original equipment is 205/50/17 tires but that I could also use 215/45/17 but I don't really know which would be better for me. I know that the 215's are a bit lower profile but not sure if that makes them better or not.


So with all this I have narrowed it down to a few tires that I would like opinions on but I am also open to other suggestions. I would like to stay certainly under $150 a tire but really would like to be more around $100 if possible but if the tires are a bit more expensive but should get a longer treadlife I am ok with that.


The ones that seem to fit my criteria well based mostly off of tire rack reviews/tests are:

Kumho Ecsta ASX (mainly because of price, about $92 each for the 205, $86 each for 215)

Dunlop SP Sport Signature($104 each for 205 and a $60 rebate)

Bridgestone Potenza g019 grid($108 each)

Yokohama Advan S4($143 each, near my upper price range)


All the prices listed are tire rack prices so if anyone knows where I can get them cheaper then let me know too.


Thanks in advance.

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If you want much wider 225/45R17 are perfect ++0 fit for your rims too (I think they are 17x7 just like Legacy GT).

These tires will probably be more expensive than 205/50 or 215/45 but sometimes they are not. It gives you more possibilities.


I personally like Dunlop Sport SP 5000.


I just looked at prices and 225/45 seem to be cheaper (usually) than 205/50.


If I were you I would probably buy Bridgestone Potenza RE960 AS 215/45R17, probably.



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