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HID's and DRL's


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Just installed set of McCulloch HID's -- first of all they are sweet! Difference is immediatley noticalbe and significant.


My question has to do with the daytime running lights.. I know many people have disabled these. I couldn't decide weather or not I would disable them with the HID's but apparently it has been decided for me! When I put the e-brake down, they HID's flash for a second, and then go off - so I no longer have DRL's. I can't imagine that having them flash every time I drive the car is good for them.. But should this be the case with HID's? Is there something in the convertor box that won't allow them to be used as DRL's?




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You will cause premature failure of your HID units with the DRL's active. Since they run at less power, the bulbs do not light properly.


unless you can get the power of the DRL's to be at full power, you need to turn them off.

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Hmmm.. ok, so what your telling me is to disconnect the DRL's....!


Makes sense from what your saying. I forgot to think about the fact that the DRL's have a slightly lower power going to them than the regular headlights.



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