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08 Legacy Sedan trailer wiring

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I did try to search this topic, but couldn't get no solid solutions.


which electrical parts do i need to get?


there are many different options on etrailers.com (http://www.etrailer.com/c-ELEBF.htm)


I heard t connector is not available on sedans, and I'm not sure which one to get.

once I get them, how hard is it to install it by myself?


i need to tow Uhaul 5X8 trailer in two weeks. please help.



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Funny but I signed up just today to ask that very same question! I also don't know whether I can get away with a standard 3 wire adapter or if I need to go with a Modulite unit. There is a fuse in the panel specifically for trailer wiring. Where does this wiring lead to and what does it entail? I don't know.

So if anyone can chime in here, we'd appreciate it.

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