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Need Good Shop


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I live in Maryland and am looking for a shop to finish the second phase of upgrades. I am in Iraq for a year, so I can't do it myself. What I have to put on the car is pretty extensive, but stops short of working the heads or block internals.


I have an 08 XT, so some creativety will be needed to adapt a couple of parts made for the GT. The rear brake lines for instance as supposedly a bit longer on the XT. I have 04 Sti rotors and calipers ready to go on with the thicker brake shoes. I've heard Techna Fit makes XT lines, but nobody can really tell me if they're OEM fittment or will fit the Brembos. Already have StopTechs on the front, and the StopTech lines fit perfectly there (they were about 1.5 inches shorter than stock, but didn't stretch or hang up with the wheel at full droop).


So, if anyone knows of a shop that will install turbo, Up, Down, header, my custom FMIC, take care of the brake install, power bleed and fill with Motul or Ate, install some sensors and guages, and then tune the pig, I'd appreciate it.


BTW, my company truck over here is a Mitusbishi 4x4 PU with a 4cyl turbo-diesel. It has an awesome TMIC even smaller than the crap installed on our GT/XTs. This ride is begging for an EVO engine swap. It's current 0-60 time is, "maybe." Seriously, I have not got it above 90kph.

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Where in MD are you located? There are a number of very compitent Suby shops in MD and I would almost say go to who is closest. Here is a quick list


IAG Performance http://www.iagperformance.com/

AGILE auto http://agileauto.com/

DPS tuning http://www.dpstuning.com/


Hope that helps.


Thanks. I'm near Annapolis, so I'll have to drive a ways no matter what. Any recommendations on these shops?

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My car is at DPS now. And they will be my shop of choice. I know a lot of people who go through Agile and really love their service. I met the owner a couple of times and they have a good reputation.


IAG is the only one i dont know much about other than a number of members online here really do seem to support them.

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