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AutoX July 18 & 19 Stockton, CA


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I'm still trying to decide if I wnat to auto-x and work course in 99F weather or go to my parents house on the coast and **** around on those back roads at 70F.

This shouldn't be a hard choice, but it is.

I've also go the coolant resevoir tank hose problem, but I don't think taht will stop anything.

I love that an offical subaru TSB recommends using a used toothbrush to fix something.

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Yeah, I fled to the coast.

Driving out on I-80 I saw 108F indicated. On hwy 1, I saw 58F. I knew I made the right choice :)

How'd it go?


Ended up not going today. I don't think it would be a good idea to put that kinda stress on the car in that heat. I'll wait for more favorable weather. There's another one in a month.

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You think that's bad, trying auto-xing in 100+ degree weather. :lol: I'm done for the summer here in Texas because you just don't get enough seat time to make it worth standing outside all day and getting skin cancer. :lol:

This is what we're talking about, auto-xing in 100+ F degree weather.

Honestly, 100F autocross isn't that hard on the car (short runs). Its the 100F+ trackdays up in Thill and down in Buttonwillow. I need an oil cooler before I even think about that.

What 100F is hard on is the course worker.

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