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Non-oem powered sub?

John M

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I'm going with a giant system very soon but I was wondering why more people haven't explored this sub:




It's roughly the same dimensions and price and appears to be much more flexible. It has an adjustable crossover frequency, preamp and speaker level inputs, and best of all - a detatchable control panel that lets you adjust things on the fly.

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I don't think so!


But seriously. It is only 64W RMS which is way underpowered. Did you read the reviews on it? The price is way too high also ($250)!!


If you wanted a Sub to go under your seat, stick with the stock one because it is more powerful and CHEAPER and they give you the harness so that you don't have to splice wires like on that one.


I don't mean to downplay your find, but it is just my $.02.

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!S4 - that was my first thought when I saw it.


mvigneau - I don't know what the stock sub costs. I can tell you though that it doesn't make any more power than this one. If it did, you wouldn't be able to power it with such puny wire tapped off the radio harness. It's my bet that Clarion is being more truthful with their rating.


And, I thought the stock one did splice in? Or do they have a pass-through harness for it?


Anyway, my carputer install starts this week - touchscreen navigation, true 5.1 surround with JBL GTi separates, and 1700w rms of JBL power.

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