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a corolla???


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Slowing down at a red light, i see this passat v6, with some lady in it who barrel's down to a stop from about 65mph (in a 45 zone).

So i figure i'll teach her a lesson in speed.

I drop the shifter a bit down to the left...the 'sport' light comes on and the dash says 1

light turns green...

i spank my gas-pedal with my right foot like a stepheaded redchild (intentional)

well she's cooked..schooled!!!


but the next light is coming up and now i see another vehicle that wants in on the action.

I look closer and it's low and with projection lights...and i notice bulging front quarter panels..all the signs of an rx-8.

Now as much as i prefer twisties, this was more of a straight stretch down with like 10 lights.

I let the rx get ahead of me and we get another red-light. So now the passat is in the center lane, the RX8 ahead of me. The last(left-most) lane is taken up by a semi.


Light turns green and now it seems the lady in the passat wants to play, so she guns it and so does the RX


Needless to say i follow suit and quickly get past the semi and overtake the two contenders from the left most lane and come back to the center lane. In the meanwhile the passat shift to the far left lane, leaving the center lane for me with the RX in the right lane.


THen starts the cat-mouse between the passat, the RX and me.

Everytime the Passat tried to get ahead...i smoked her silly and everytime the RX tried i was right there about 2 feet ahead of this RX.


After a bit the lady in the passat realized she didnt stand a chance and gave up, but the RX and me were at it and he just couldnt get ahead of me, no matter how hard he tried. We did that for a mile or so because we kept getting all green lights.



So finally we get to a red light neck to neck and he looks over and i give him a salute-whuzzup. He smiles and rolls his window down...so do i

He goes.."what is that, the new corolla?". I politely reply no its the LGT.

He goes

"AH, I was wondering how quick it was for a toyota. No wonder its fast. Nice car. I like a good cat and mouse"


I reply "Thx...its fun to find someone who wants to play on this stretch of road"


Light turns green and i fly away but he doesnt even try. I think he figured he didnt stand much of a chance and didnt want to embarrass himself.

It was sad, because he was fine with the cat and mouse but gave up at the light when we were finally next to each other. He disappointed me. AH well next time...same place same time and same corolla buddy ;)

I bet he's going to be looking up the numbers on the LGT tonight!!!! ;)


PS it was at 11:00pm local time and the stretch was empty and therefore such activity was deemed safe by all participants and we never got above 60-65mph.

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Twisted.................................... please dont say that................... plllleeeaassse.



PS Guys/Girls, moving this one out to Motorsports. Thanks


He he I was kidding bro!!!!

I figured u'd move it but thought i'd sneak it there for some xposure .....sneaky me:lol: srry!!!

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why did you waste gas racing with a car like the passat? the rx8 i can understand but the passat? is it really worth it? wrong forum btw.

well she did have that snooty look....u know the one that says..."i'm a wannabe yuppie who really wanted an a4 but couldnt afford it so settled for a vw and was dumb enough to not know about the LGT"


And then she did come zippy fast and i thought her ego could use a blow....ms. fancy pants with her fancy custom liscence plate


Plus it made my otherwise boring commute from a late evening at work kinda interesting and even if i wasnt racing her i would've punched the pedal on green anyways...this car is just so much fun..it's like having a stress relieving device....thx Fuji Heavy Industries!!!:D

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Anyone know how fast the W8 Passat is?


i wonder about that w8....it looks menacing with the dual-dual/quad exhaust tips. I was next to one the other day but the driver didnt wanna play...otherwise i could have told you 1st hand how fast it is :)

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W8 Passat:

6-spd or 5 spd Tiptronic



270 Horse @ 6000 rpm

273 ft/lbs @ 2750 rpm


0-60 roughly mid 6's.


Sounds like a descent car untill you get to the weight.

Sedan is @ 3900 lbs and change

Wagon version is 4000 and change.

Talk about a pig!

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