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1. Is there a relatively simple and inexpensive way to modify the stereo to play an I-pod?


2. If one "flashes" the ECU with Accessport, does this immediately void the warranty?


3. I find the seats way too hard for my liking. I'm planning on having a local auto upholstery guy add more padding to the seats. Has anyone ever done anything like this? Did it work out o.k.?


I realize if i do a thorough search of this site, I could probably locate the answers, but I was hopeful someone could just give me a quick "yes" or "no".



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1.) FM Modulator is most likely your cheapest route. THe sound quality is not the best however, but some are better than others. For a hardwired solution, you are going to have to do some splicing and will need to know what you are doing.


2.) It will only void the warranty if they determine it to be the cause of whatever failure. You can reflash the ECU back to stock before you take it in, but the dealer may still be able to tell. I am personally waiting a bit to see what the verdict is on this and how dealers are going to handle it. It still will no doubt depend on the dealer.


3.) I have though about this as well. I would not be worried so much about the heated seats, and usually not too much padding is added to the bottom. Be careful if this is the case, the heaters can get hot! Most of it will be to the sides to keep you stable. I would be worried about the side airbags more than anything else.

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