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Getting 98 Legacy GT Sedan 5speed, will need some parts...


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Looking for full suspension setup for manual 98 legacy gt sedan. I will need struts springs, tophats etc. preferabley assembled so I can just swap them out. Also swaybars front and rear and some endlinks. Would parts form a 2000 legacy work or no? I have experience with newer model legacys (05 and up), but not with the older models so I appologize in advance if these are newbie questions. Anyhow any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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I have some stock stuff available from my '99 Leggy. I have the stock struts and tophats (although the struts are probably not good) but I don't have the stock springs. I do, however, have some H&R's on there right now which still haven't been sold. I'll look to see if I have the stock springs but I'm highly doubting it due to not seeing them when I pulled all of this old stuff out to get rid of it.


And no, suspension from a 2000 will not work on a BD/BG unfortunately. Luckily, anything that fits a '96-'99 will fit your car though. Junkyards, of course, will have a lot of this if you can't find what you're looking for here.


Here's the stuff I have to get rid of so far: http://www.legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112553

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