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Greddy Evo 2 installed!


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So ladies and gents finally after much waiting I finally installed my greddy evo 2 tonight. Everything was going fine until we were bolting the stock dp to the greddy mid, when things went south. The shank on the bolts wouldn't fit through the greddy flange so we decided the ream out the 3/8 in thick flange cause it was very little clearence we needed to make it fit. After breaking 2 drill bits and spending quite a bit o time presto they fit. We realized that the springs were completely compressed and that the new bolts were prob oem ones and that they weren't bottoming out. So for now its fine but eventually I should find the right size bolt so that the springs aren't fully compressed. After that everything else went together beautifully. Finally I go to start up the car and it was like angels coming down from the heavens and singing! It has a nice loud rumble at idle and low rpms, at high rpms the drone actually lessens some which I thought was great. All in all best $ I spent on the car thus far except for my brake upgrade I did this past weekend all thanks to jeremy @ fredbeans. I will get pics and maybe a video up asap..I love this exhausted im so obsessed with it now :)
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